Friday, November 30, 2012

Curves Galore - Yuki Kamiya Jewelry

From curved metal rings to swirled
art nouveau-inspired necklaces, bangles and earrings
Yuki Kamiya creates graceful jewelry
full of curlicues, flourishes and
decorative twists.

The organic motifs and characteristic curves
of metal catch the light and the attention
of everyone around.
 Her two-finger rings are especially eye catching.



The highly-stylized, sinuous lines twirl, twist,
flow and undulate in never-ending patterns.
Be sure to see more at Yuki Kamiya's website.



  1. I really like this blog. Been reading for the past couple weeks and just want to say its cool about all the jewelry makers.

  2. yes, Sara, this is the coolest blog about jewelry! i love it too

  3. I know the demand of jewelry market. I've read your blog site related this topic & found really nice post. thanks.

  4. thanks everyone for your kind comments - I'm really glad you enjoy the blog!


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