Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Unconventional - Lola Brooks Jewelry

Lola Brooks takes an unconventional look
at the conventional subjects of Love and Romance.
 Her work is certainly not conventional in size -
in fact it’s much larger than one would expect.
It’s not conventional in choice of materials -
she takes humble steel then mixes it with gold,
 diamonds and various other gemstones.
It’s not conventional in attitude -
her work makes droll tongue-in-cheek references
to clichés about love and sentimentality.
In fact, everywhere one looks one can see
 roses attached to hearts, and bows attached to hearts,
and hearts attached to hearts.
Why this ardent interest in all things related to romance?
There is a good deal of thought behind this work and
 it’s interesting to get the 'why' of the work
while also enjoying the beauty of it.
For instance, here’s an excerpt from an
. . . The past few bodies of work have all spawned
from my fascination with cliché
and my general weariness of irony
and the perpetual abstraction of everything.
I suppose I am a traditionalist in many ways,
seeing no reason to invent something brand new
when there is all of this incredible depth and richness
to be rediscovered in all of these tired old tropes
of love, loss, beauty, perfection, femininity, sentimentality
or in the‘jewel’ or a certain type of technical virtuosity
for that matter. And this is certainly not to say that I am
merely interested in re-presenting these things as they
have always been understood, either. I sincerely believe there
are profound things to be investigated and reconfigured in
these exact territories. And so bows, hearts, knots and roses
among other things are all fair game . . . .



There's a great opportunity to see
all this unconventional jewelry;
Lola Brook’s work is currently on view at
The Metal Museum until February 17, 2013.

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