Friday, December 21, 2012

Exhibition - Cutting Edge: RAM Explores Contemporary Glass Jewelry

It's easy to get bedazzled by glass jewelry.
Colorful, intricate, and skillfully-made glass jewelry
allows light to travel through each component
creating art that seems to pulsate with life.

Racine Art Museum is currently showing
a glass jewelry exhibit until February 17, 2013.
is described as,

This exhibition represents the intersection
of two important elements of
artistic production—art jewelry and glass. . .
these artists emphasize the flexibility and
variability of glass as a medium for expression.
The exhibition will be marked by artists
using a variety of techniques and exploring
a broad range of subject matter.
Several of the artists who will be feature
are also represented in RAM’s permanent collection
through jewelry, small objects, or both—artists such as,
Donald Friedlich, Jacqueline Lillie, Linda MacNeil,
Julie Mihalisin, James Minson, Judy Onofrio,
and Joyce Scott.

Others whose works are included:
Dolores Barrett, Patty Cokus, Jane D’Arensbourg,
Charlene Foster, Foster/Malone, Carrie Garrott,
Karen Gilbert, Suzanne Golden,
Gesine Hackenberg, Valerie Hector, Kristina Logan,
Pavel Novak, Barbara Packer, Kait Rhoads,
Joyce Roessler, Erica Rosenfeld, Axel Russmeyer,
Philip Sajet, Melissa Schmidt,
Blanche Tilden, and Jette Vogt
plus the inclusion of
earthenware and fused glass jewelry
by modern maker
Elsa Freund will add historical dimension.


This show highlights work by artists from
around the world who utilize a variety of techniques,
from glass blowing to casting to beadwork,
in the creation of jewelry.

See more info at Racine Art Museum.


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