Monday, January 28, 2013

Exploring Wabi Sabi - Mariko Sumioka Jewelry

Mariko Sumioka combines aspects of Japanese 
architecture with the Zen concept of Wabi Sabi 
to produce intriguing, colorful jewelry.

Inspired by temple architecture
 (especially rooftop shingles)
this artist works with materials like bamboo, 
gold, silver, copper and pearls.  She explores textures
 and colors using techniques like enameling,
soldering and patination to achieve a delicate blend of
wabi sabi and urban sophistication.

The distinctive aesthetic of wabi sabi (finding
 beauty in the impermanence, imperfection 
and incompleteness of all things), is
precisely what attracts me to her work.


Here's an example of bamboo with pearls.
Reminds me of ice crystals.

This artist has also collaborated on several projects with
fashion designers as seen with these unique
bangles and neckpiece.
I love the patination on the bangles.

See her entire collection at Mariko Sumioka.

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