Thursday, January 24, 2013

Micro-Macramé - Ifat Nesher Jewelry

Micro-macramé jewelry created
by Ifat Nesher is made with 
pure linen or waxed cotton threads,
combined with all sorts of wonderful things like
Murano glass from Venice,
terra-cotta, coral,
 seashells and driftwood.

She uses macramé techniques and multicolored threads
 to create intricate, freeform woven pieces with 
striking patterns and beautiful textures.

Some designs are light, delicate and feathery.
Others are rugged and suggestive of shipwrecked netting.
 Each is handmade and
no two pieces are exactly alike. 

 Sometimes photographs aren't enough to
showcase the work and in my opinion her
imaginative designs seem to come to life,  
and are best appreciated, when worn.



To see more of Ifat Nesher's work
visit her website and Facebook page.


  1. These are sensational designs - each one is unique and exciting!


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