Friday, February 1, 2013

Enamel Fascinations - Liz Schock Jewelry

A friend recently sent me a link
to Liz Schock's jewelry.
I found several collections to admire then
realized her enameled bracelets alone can
provide hours of delightful exploration into the
depths of nuanced color and amazing form.
Here are some pieces I find
especially absorbing but I will include a note of
playful caution - wearing them
at work could be distracting!



Visit Liz Schock's website and Facebook page to see
 all of her collections
of handcrafted jewelry.


  1. My wife has the great pleasure of owning a number of pieces from the Liz Schock enamel collection. Included is a burgundy version of the lantern bracelet pictured above in off white. She has earrings to match. Every time she wears any of the pieces Liz has created She is approached by friends and strangers with compliments. The pieces always enhance the outfits she is wearing.

  2. Hi Stewart - thanks for sharing! Your wife is a very lucky lady not only to own such great jewelry but to have you in her life!


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