Thursday, February 14, 2013

Graceful Yet Intense - Carrie Bilbo Jewelry

Occasionally, one desires designs that are rough-hewn;
something that definitely shows the hand of the artist
and an intensely personal approach to design.

Such is the work offered by Carrie Bilbo.
Her designs lend themselves to meandering
thoughts and daydreams.
I find myself captivated by her asymmetrical
designs that swirl and spiral.

Each combination of
shape, contour and texture
seems like a little
piece of wearable modern sculpture.



Raw and edgy. Graceful yet intense.
All at the same time.
Each piece is visually and tactilely intriguing.


  1. I agree with your description, it looks like wearable scultpure, very very nice.

  2. Raw and edgy infused with desire, how interesting!


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