Monday, February 11, 2013

Exhibition - Put A Ring On It

I’ve been carrying a romantic torch
for rings for quite a while.
Big or small, ornate or simple,
as long as it's made with
thoughtful craftsmanship and amazing design
I'm interested.
Taboo Studio in San Diego, California
has a cure for me –
an exhibition called Put A Ring On It.
They're describing this show as,
“ . . . extraordinary and unique rings by
23 accomplished artists.
Designs will include silver rings with
bezel set cabochons, animal rings,
gold and diamond stacking rings,
architectural rings, flower rings,
bee rings, and Damascus steel rings 
. . . a virtual ring extravaganza!”
Artists include: Brooke Battles • Steven Brixner •
Jim Cotter • Christine Simpson Forni • Diana Hall •
Barbara Heinrich • April Higashi • Deanna Jacobsen •
Dahlia Kanner • Ananda Khalsa • Janis Kerman •
Victoria Moore • Rebecca Myers • Brigid O'Hanrahan •
Christina Y. Smith • Julia V. TurnerMyung Urso
Donna Veverka • Jeff and Susan Wise


These are just a few of the incredible rings 
currently on display at Taboo Studio.
Luckily for us
Put A Ring On It will continue until March 22, 2013.

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