Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Clare Hillerby Jewelry

We love the swirls and flourishes
of old-fashioned handwriting.
Old letters and manuscripts,
worn and outdated, are quaint
relics from a different time.

Jewelry made by Clare Hillerby is
created from these old elements. 
We like her photographic vignettes
 that capture moments of time in
metal and paper ephemera.
Through her eyes we see something
worthless and transitory
 become something
 treasured and permanent.

The artist explains her work on her website:

Handwriting forms the starting point for my jewellery. Old papers with handwritten messages are sourced, postcards, letters, envelopes, and documents, along with other ephemera; stamps, linen maps and sepia photographs. Sections are extracted; messages become ambiguous, they are then combined with new metalwork, to create new contemporary stories. Contrasts of writing styles, scale, character, line, shape and colour are all important features, as are other opposites such as precious and non-precious, old and new. The papers are layered with oxidised silver with perspex on top and secured together with gold tube rivets. Semi-precious beads are added for texture and colour.

Here are some of our favorite pieces
from her collection.
This collage brooch is called
"Brooch from a Book Seller." 

It's made with sterling silver, gold, various paper
items, (ie postcards, photograph, stamp, map),
and a clear acrylic resin.

We also like this piece called
"Necklace with Found Elements."

It's made with sterling silver, gold, papers
(postcards & stamp), clear acrylic resin,
mother-of-pearl buttons, and sapphires.

We also like these oval earrings.

It's easy to find appreciation
and enthusiasm for jewelry
that brings new interest
and value to something
many would merely discard.
It is precisely because each piece
begins its life with old handwriting
and other old documents
that we find this contemporary
jewelry rather charming with its
distinct old-fashioned flavor.

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