Monday, October 18, 2010

Judy Lazar Jewelry

Jewelry created by Judy Lazar
is distinctly bold and full of impact.
Her masterful use of the ancient technique
of lost wax casting results in
gold and platinum jewelry
that is naturally elegant and opulent.

It is very apparent that Judy has an
impassioned love affair with
gemstones in all their
spectacular shapes and colors.
This love translates well into her
jewelry designs.

She specializes in carving one-of-a-kind
wax models that she individually designs
 to set off each gem to its utmost beauty.
Each piece is then cast specifically for
that particular gem.
The result is a wonderful showcase
for the natural beauty
and color of the gemstones.

We have so many favorites;
let's take a look at a few.

We think this necklace epitomizes romance. 

This brooch is absolutely delightful.

Here's a great example of her signature
asymmetrical designs.

Her work evokes a marriage of superb
quality and meticulous design.

Every piece provides a broad
range of visual interest.
The gemstones are vibrantly colored.
The settings are exquisitely designed.
The overall effect is lush and elegant.

We love them all!

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