Thursday, December 2, 2010

Melissa Huff Jewelry

Enamel is a remarkably versatile medium,
and there are so many different ways
that one can approach it.

In champlevé the metal is etched and the
enamel is inlaid into each recessed portion.
When fired, the effect is bold and direct,
 and that's what we love about the
art jewelry created by Melissa Huff.

There are many variables to take into
account when working with enamels,
such as stress factors between the
hardness of the glass and
the softness of the metal. Combine these
 variables with other stress factors in the 
layering of each color of enamels which
can often crack or otherwise refuse
to bond and one begins to understand
just how intricate and elaborate
the process can be.

We find Melissa’s explorations of color
range from subtle to intense and each piece
is strikingly beautiful.
We love the nuanced gradations of colors.
The combinations create specific palettes
of color that we find very satisfying.
It’s apparent that the time, focus and energy
devoted to each piece must be immense.

Her mandala series of brooches are
especially interesting. Based on
cross-sections of roots and stems
each features a multitudinous
riot of recessed cells
that unite as a cohesive whole.

This one is called Orchid Mandala.


Here's a piece called Core Mandala

and here's one called Flow Mandala


We enjoy how this artist can stretch
 the boundaries of jewelry
into pure art.
Each piece is geometric yet flowing,
meticulous yet relaxed.

We admire it all.

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