Monday, January 31, 2011

Susan Chin Jewelry

We've long admired jewelry created by Susan Chin.
Her trademark work revolves around the use of
ebony and bone, and her signature forms are
sprinkled with silver or gold dots set against each
other in symmetrical yet seemingly
random arrangements.
But this artist works with other materials as well.

We gravitate towards her pieces
featuring freshwater pearls dotted with
those symmetrical mixed with random
accents of metal.
We enjoy following the sequences and repetition
of these elements which evoke a sense of
something ancient and tribal.

Whether densely packed together or set with ample
breathing space between them, we appreciate
how each metallic accent carries its weight
and brings delightful texture to the jewelry.

Together they become a synergistic creation -
the whole effect becoming so much greater
than the sum of its parts.
Let's take a look at some of our
favorite pieces of her work.

This is her “Forged Links” bracelet
featuring sterling silver, freshwater pearls
and18K gold.

We adore her Kelp Necklace
also featuring sterling silver, freshwater pearls
and18K gold.


These amusing "Pearl with Curl" earrings are
made with freshwater pearls and 18k gold.


These earrings are from her
one of a kind collection
and feature ebony, 18k and 22k gold,
and Australian boulder opals.

This piece features ebony, 18k and 22k gold,
and sterling silver.
It evokes a furry impression
that we find lighthearted and amusing.

It's fascinating to feel rough
texture created by the combination of several
types of smooth elements.

It's also fascinating to see
seldom used materials like ebony and bone
take center stage in an artist's work.

It would be most fascinating of all
 to wear works of art
such as these and to feel the spirit
of the artist in each piece.

We'd own her entire collection
if we could.


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