Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reiko Ishiyama Jewelry

We love to be surprised. 
Reiko Ishiyama creates jewelry
that surprises the viewer
both in terms of the materials she uses
and the manner in which she uses them.

  In her current collection, she hammers thin
sheets of silver and manipulates them into
small works of sculpture that seem delicate
enough to be easily damaged.  They almost
look like they're made of paper and it's
disconcerting to realize that they are not. 

She describes her work as follows:
My work has an almost fragile quality, stressing lightness and mobility. By shaping paper-thin sheets of silver, I can house space itself. When people hold my work in their hands, they are often surprised by its delicacy and lightness. There is an evanescent, momentary quality that I hope people can truly savor when they wear my pieces.

It's intriguing and pleasantly surprising.

Here are a few of our favorites.

We just can't get over how much it
looks like paper.

It all seems so fragile.
But that's just the illusion.


These pieces have so much texture
and layers of interest.


We love the delicacy in each piece.

It makes you want to gently tap it
to orient your senses. 
It's all so paradoxical.
Seemingly tenuous or flimsy they are sturdy.

The shimmer of light and shadow
combined with the artist's sculptural skills
to create a three-dimensional shape
 from two dimensional material
is simply inspiring.


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