Friday, April 29, 2011

Rosanna Raljević Ceglar Jewelry

We are always enchanted by artists
who take an idea to new heights.
One jewelry artist we have recently
become aware of is
who is noted for using a mundane material
and transforming it with
contemporary fiber art techniques.
 She creates exquisite work using
colored copper wire.

The creative shapes and rich textures are
are just the beginning.
What appears at first to be symmetrical,
constrained and precise design
becomes, upon further inspection,
a dense canvas overflowing with
 a bewildering jumble of
crisscrossed and entwined wires.
When combined with luscious colors
all that energy brings a sense of exuberance.

It's especially noteworthy that she
describes her work as "tidy chaos."
Truly, it is chaos captured in pieces
of graceful beauty.

There are so many pieces in her collections
that we adore. Here are some
of our favorites.

And this cuff is awesome.

The inclusion of materials such as recycled rubber
produces creations that are evocative
of otherworldly plants and things found in nature.
This piece features silver wire and gives a
superb view of the work involved in her creations.

Her work ranges from strong and powerful
to delicate and sweet.

Gotta love earrings that are vivacious and bright.

Veins of wrapped wire provide a strong visual
framework for this piece. 

This artist designs wonderful statement pieces
by using a non-precious material in
an innovative way.

Her random-looking knitting process
is actually a systematic method
of interlacing, wrapping, and plaiting wire.
The results produce pieces that are vibrant
and filled with texture.

We'd love to own one of everything!

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  1. Her jewelry is beautiful - what a great idea.


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