Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Linda MacNeil Jewelry

The stunning glass jewelry made
by Linda MacNeil is noteworthy for
its streamlined contours,
bold colors and sleek designs.
The pieces we are drawn to most
are reminiscent of Art Deco design with its
stylized geometric and linear patterns
made with technical precision.
As light travels through each piece of glass
it creates a luminous effect
that is rich and opulent.
Each piece is a sculpture
made in glass and looks like
it's illuminated from within.
Some glass is cut while others are cast
and the overall effect shimmers and sparkles.

Here are some examples of our favorites.

This piece is so sleek and tailored.

This floral necklace shimmers with soft,
subdued colors; the combination of glass and light
creates a sense of vitality and energy that
we find so appealing.

This pendant is utterly charming.
We are always intrigued by designs featuring intricate
details that look as if they are painted on the glass.

Here's another gorgeous pendant.
We love its extraordinary detail and luminosity.
It really looks like it's illuminated from within.

This is such a perfect example of
the Art Deco style - sleek,
modern and precise.

There is an old-world elegance to these
contemporary designs
It’s obvious the artist has a passion for
 geometric shapes, bold colors
and formal designs.
 She uses a variety of types of glass, along with
various finishing techniques and types of metals
to create pieces that are elegant and lustrous.
We are inspired by her passion,
craftsmanship and eye for color.


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  1. Beautiful works and write-up, thank you for sharing on your beautiful blog.

    Eva Maria


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