Monday, May 16, 2011

Constance Wicklund Gildea Jewelry

Over the years, we've fallen in love with a
technique called keum boo - a technique
where thin pieces of 24K gold are fused
directly to the surface of silver
using heat and pressure.

Each piece of jewelry made by
is a work of art. We are especially
intrigued with her pieces that feature
the keum boo technique using shapes and
textures from actual leaves.
She has other collections of work
that feature techniques such as
 engraving and embossing,
and they are equally as lovely.
But it's the keum boo pieces
that consistently draw our attention.

Here are some of our favorites.

Each shows the intense effect that 24kt gold
can have when it's fused on silver.
And we especially love the oxidation on
these particular pieces; it enhances
that striking contrast
between the gold and silver.

Here is her oxidized Leaf Cuff.

This alternate version of her oxidized Leaf Cuff
is studded with diamonds.

We love her oxidized Leaf Earrings from this collection.


And this pair of earrings is studded with diamonds.

Here's an example of a bead from this series.

This artist has developed very controlled methods
of pattern and design development, and
her focus on mixed metal pieces
produces gorgeous work.
We admire it for the imaginative designs,
creative use of materials and techniques,
and superb skill of the artist.

We are inspired!

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  1. Beautiful movement of designs and colors.
    Eva Maria


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