Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Exhibition - Kate Cusack, Margaux Lange, Sissi Westerberg Jewelry

There's a new exhibition at Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery
called "ABeCeDarian."  It runs from May 18
through June 4 and is described as a "contemporary
jewelry art exhibition and ABC book
featuring the work of twenty-six artists,
each producing a piece that
corresponds with a letter of the alphabet."

OK, sounds interesting.

The participant list is comprised of: Julia Barello,
Ken Bova, Jana Brevick, Kathy Buszkiewicz,
 Melissa Calohan, Nancy Mēgan Corwin, Kate Cusack,
 Donna D'Aquino,  Laurie Hall, Tom Hill, Trudee Hill,
 Melissa Huff,  Margaux Lange, Kristin Lora,
Bruce Metcalf, Marcia Meyers, Ted Noten,
Kait Rhoads, ROY, Cindy Sumner,
Anthony Tammaro, Carolyn Tillie, Cynthia Toops,
Kiwon Wang, Sarah Wauzynski, and Sissi Westerberg.

Let's take a look at just a few of the 
delightful one-of-a-kind
jewelry included in this exhibition.

Here we have Sissi Westerberg's piece using the
letter 'D' for Drip.  This imaginative item is called
"Something Inside" and is made of acrylic. Some
ideas are so simple yet so elegant.
We love the eye-popping color;
it may be monochromatic but it certainly
 makes a statement.

Then we have Margaux Lange illustrating the
letter 'K' for Knees.
Many art jewelry followers are familiar
with work by this artist.
Whimsical and nostalgic her designs incorporate
salvaged Barbie doll parts, and the jewelry she has
provided for this exhibition
is no exception. Her piece is 
called "Cross-legged Brooch."

Lastly, let's look at a piece offered by Kate Cusack 
using the letter 'Z' for Zippers.  This spectacular
necklace is called "Elizabeth."
With roots in costume design and
a flair for the theatrical,
it's easy to classify every one of her pieces
as a production - an amazing
visual spectacle. Every time we see her
work it's always lavish and luxurious.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.
There are so many other
beautiful pieces of jewelry
on display.
Plus, the opportunity to get the
ABC book that accompanies
this exhibit.

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