Monday, May 9, 2011

Jaclyn Davidson Jewelry

Hand forging is an ancient art
that Jaclyn Davidson uses to
create her jewelry.

The image of a metalsmith who uses
extreme heat to hammer and shape
metal leads to the image of this artist who
takes that energy and effort to
create pieces that evoke an impression
of delicacy and softness.
By directly manipulating the metal with pliers,
hammer and heat, the artist bends, stretches and
shapes the metal to do her bidding.
Her botanically-themed
jewelry resembles the soft tendrils and
delicate curves found in nature. Her work seems
to have life imbued into each piece.

Hand forging is time consuming. Working with
gold, sterling silver or steel, each piece must be
created and completed before moving on to
the next piece.  And so each has to be
different in some way from all the others; even
repetitively making the same thing over and over
one can't help but make them all unique. 

Let's look at some of her charming pieces.

This is exquisite. 

So delicate and strong at the same time.

Here we have more sweet tendrils. 


 These gingko leaves seem so fragile.

  Lots of detail work can be seen in this piece. 


Much of the charm and warmth of handwrought
jewelry come from the subtle variations in form,
shape and feel that hand crafting offers.

The true beauty of hand-forged jewelry is that
you can see the hand of the metalsmith in each piece.
That's what we love about handcrafted work -
it's obvious when an artist loves what they do.  


  1. Superb works, beautiful movement, patina and shapes!
    Eva Maria

  2. We definitely agree! Glad to hear from you. Cheers!


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