Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Carol Windsor Jewelry

It's easy to get inspired when an artist
combines a love of vibrant color with a
passion for bold design.
Carol Windsor creates vivacious jewelry
made of sterling silver and paper,
and she has honed her repertoire
over the years showcasing
delicate blossoms and leaves.
Each piece is light, airy and almost

It's always interesting to understand
how an artist creates their work.
This jewelry artist clearly explains her process
of painstakingly creating each piece by hand
and transforming raw materials into colorful
foliage that is light and airy:

"I developed a technique of laminating sterling silver between 2 to 5 layers of very thin acid free paper. The metal has been oxidized a dark color and shows through the translucent paper like veins in a petal or leaf. Each petal or leaf is made individually. A wire frame is made defining the shape. It is placed on a small square of paper. Small wire segments are arranged within it. Another paper square or two are placed on top and then the “sandwich” is sealed with an archival glue. Once dry the petals and leaves are trimmed, sprayed with an acrylic and bent into shape. The “twigs” which connect the parts are textured with a diamond burr, oxidized, then dimpled with a burr to suggest a spot where a branch has broken off."

Here are a few delightful examples of her lovely work.

These petals are lovely and such a peace-inducing color.

We like the energetic colors in this piece.

We love the range of spectral colors in this necklace.

These petals are translucent and lighter than air.

And so pretty.

We're excited by the range of color
and intricate, life-like designs.
It's apparent that
creativity blooms everywhere.

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