Monday, June 27, 2011

Exhibition of Art Jewelry - Marilyn da Silva

Exhibitions of art jewelry are always
memorable events. Taboo Studio recently held
 an exhibit of new work created by eight jewelry
artists revolving around the theme of birds.

Titled "Bird by Bird" this exhibit
featured work by Marilyn da Silva,
Christina Goodman, Gabrielle Gould, Judith Hoyt,
and Kristi Zevenbergen

In this post we'd like to showcase
the work of one of these artists:
Marilyn da Silva.
It was very apropos that
she be a part of this show since
her body of work has been inspired
for more than a decade
by all things ornithological.
 Her pieces are rich and lush and tell
specific stories that are augmented
by her personal philosophy.

Here are her words regarding the
 brooches that are part
of this particular exhibition.
These brooches focus on the songbird family known as warblers. They are often difficult to see with the naked eye, but they can fill the air with song. These small treasures along with other songbirds are diminishing in number because of insecticides, feral cats and the loss of their environment due to human intervention. Hopefully, their beautiful songs will continue to enchant us throughout time.

We feel this brooch is one of her prettiest.
Called "Serenata III (Bay Breasted Warbler)."
It features materials such as textured sterling silver
and copper handpainted with gesso and colored pencil.
 It's an example of her wonderful designs
that could easily be displayed as art but
 also happens to be wearable as jewelry.

Here's another lovely example of her work.
This brooch is called "Serenata I
 (American Redstart)."

And this brooch is called "Serenata II
(Black and Yellow Spotted Warbler)."
It's just as delicate and lovely
as the others.

This artist is a master at using nontraditional
coloring techniques on textured metals, and it's
 her immense skill and talent that allows each piece
 to seem alive with subtle, exquisite details.
Who could resist?


  1. I had never heard of this person before so thank you for the info. I really like the first photo alot - it's very realistic. Thanks again for writing about it.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for commenting!


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