Monday, July 25, 2011

Upcycled Elegance: Clementine James Jewelry

Upcycling can give useless or damaged
materials a new life. It's inspiring to see
jewelry artists take something disposable
and re-design it to create
something of value.

We've featured several in previous posts:
such as Harriete Estel Berman using
recycled tin cans;
Holly Anne Mitchell and her use
of discarded newspapers.
We've seen upcycling occur in the
works of Emiko Oye

They all have proven their ability
to expose the hidden potential in
seemingly ordinary objects.

Today we're featuring
treasure hunter - she finds and
gathers disparate objects to create
lusciously beautiful jewelry, and
each item becomes seamlessly
integrated into her
artistic creations.

Old, broken pieces of things, pebbles, lace,
 fabric, are all lovingly upcycled into
wearable jewels.

Fun and elegance find a home together.

She enchants us with her use of recycled
and vintage items.

Average, ordinary, commonplace items
enter a metamorphosis to become
one-of-a-kind items of jewelry.

We are inspired by artists who are using objects
that had a previous life and are creating
something with a different purpose.
Creating thoughtful and resourceful
 reused and repurposed items
provides us with unlimited beauty.



  1. Wow! What a great word "Upcycle." I certainly agree that Clementine James Jewelry is Upcycle and terrific. I love her work.

  2. i ve fallen in luv with ur collection!truly exotic!clemie kip going!


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