Monday, August 1, 2011

Darcy Miro Jewelry

It was several years ago when
 we first saw jewelry cuffs created
 by Darcy Miro and we were immediately
attracted to their granular, organic, rough
surfaces and we've been enthralled
 by them ever since.

It's a difficult to resist collection.
One's natural inclination is to
reach out to each piece
and run one's fingers over each intricate
textural element. And there's something
very satisfying about her work - maybe it's
the extraordinary shapes and surfaces,
or maybe it's the primordial and
 wild nature of each piece. 
It's definitely provocative
and not for the timid.

These are textures found both in nature
and in dilapidated industrial settings.
There's a raw sense of erosion that feels
 like it's been captured
 in a moment of time.

We love how each of the pieces are
layered with jagged surfaces.

Some pieces are dangerous looking enough
to make one hesitate a moment.

Each one is evocative
and compelling.

Many designs. Many textures.
Many reactions.
We really find them difficult to resist.

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