Thursday, August 4, 2011

Exhibition - Downsizing

There are exhibitions everywhere that showcase
unusual, beautiful and noteworthy objects.
Occasionally, along with the interesting items
on display, it's the purpose of the exhibit that
strikes us as extraordinary.
Pieces of Eight Gallery in Melbourne, Australia
 is currently showing a group exhibition
of jewelry artists who used
 to be interior designers.

The exhibition called "Downsizing" runs
 from July 26 – September 3. 
This gathering of recently-trained jewelry artists
 found their true calling in the field of metalsmithing
 when they each realized that their creativity
 would be better expressed by actually
 creating small -scale objects by hand 
rather than drawing their designs to be executed
on a large scale by other professionals. 
Changing their focus from the large spaces
of buildings, they now pour their creative energy into, 
and derive fulfillment by,
working on a more intimate level to adorn individuals.
The possibilities they explore in creating jewelry
are further enriched by the shortened amount of
time it takes to see results. Designing interiors 
can take enormous time, effort, stress, and funding,
but a metalsmith cam create a piece of work
 in a much shorter period of time.

The range of materials, ideas and processes
are thought provoking. 
 Here are examples of their work.

This ring by Kim Victoria Wearne is a real show stopper. 
 It's called "Ocimum basilicum: Hatred 2011" and
is made with sterling silver, basil,
floral foam, copper wire. 
(Yes, fresh basil!)  
The title refers to basil symbolizing hatred
 in ancient Grecian times. It's part of her ongoing
series that includes botanical elements in her
work - exploring what she refers to as
the 'Victorian Language of Flowers'
which is a system of encoding bouquets
with emotion and sentiment.

This cuff by Belinda Esperson is called "Paper Cuff 1"
and is made with sterling silver.
It's intriguing to see how she can make
sterling silver appear almost as fragile as paper.

This cuff made by Katrina Tyler is called
 "Cluster Fragment 2011" and is made
with oxidized copper.

And there are many other equally
interesting pieces on view.
The individual artists who are participating
in this exhibit include:
Tessa Blazey, Djurdjica Kesic, Suzi Zutic,
Katrina Tyler, Karen Hamilton, Kim Victoria Wearne
and Belinda Esperson.

The exhibit runs until September 3rd.

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