Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Micro-Mosaic Polymer Techniques - Cynthia Toops Jewelry

Cynthia Toops is known for her polymer
micromosaic pieces.
Each of her intricate works are the
result of a painstaking process
where uses tweezers to place the tiny
threads of fired polymer into
a matrix that holds her designs.

Each time consuming piece is a delightful to see.

She has new work on exhibit
where each of the brooches are created
with her signature techniques then
set in sterling silver.
The exhibit is called, "Subtle Set"
and runs from August 10 - 31.

We love the whimsy in her pieces. 

 The amount of work involved is
rather mindboggling.

Each of these pieces measure a mere 1.25 inches
but there is an astronomical amount of
mosaic elements involved.

You can see more of her work
on her website.


  1. I like her jewelry. She's been making really cool stuff for a while.

  2. How fun! I've loved Cynthia Toops and Don Adams's work for years. These new pieces are charming. Thanks for bringing them to my attention.


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