Friday, August 12, 2011

Innovative and Experimental: Stacey Bentley Jewelry

Innovative and experimental.
These are the words that come to
mind when viewing work created
Using iron, wire, silver 
and enamels this artist is changing the
face of enamel jewelry and 
exploring a method of expression that
breaks away from traditional
ideas and processes.

Her work in enamel is unconventional.
Going beyond standard procedures
she creates pieces where the enamel rises
above the surface of the metal rather
 than fusing onto it.
By underfiring the enamel she
 produces gritty textures and matte finishes
that evoke the urban landscape.
This helps us understand her
fascination with the raw industrial
contrast of life, corrosion and decay.

Each framework she creates is also unusual.
 Shapes are organic, layered and
have varied thickness. Each contributes
additional interest and texture to her designs.

 Here's are examples of her work that emphasize
 rich colors and unusual textures.

It gets even more intriguing when she
removes some of the enamel to reveal
the metal framework beneath.

Geometric shapes are occasionally
 combined with her asymmetrical designs.

We like how she experiments with each
aspect of the metalsmithing process
 as well as the enameling process.

Each structure seems haphazard yet
controlled at the same time.

For those familiar with the smooth velvet surfaces
 of enamels and the painterly aspects of
its application these pieces might seem
unusual and disconcerting.

We are inspired by this artist's willingness
to push the boundaries of what jewelry should
look like and how enamels should feel.

We admire her innovations
and experimentation.
What do you think?


  1. I agree that experimenting is the way to find new ways of doing things. Thanks for a great blog!

  2. Experimentation, aka play, is essential to our growths artists. And it's way fun!

  3. WoW ! Love this post !!
    The jewelry looks great and the colors and textures are fantastic !

  4. thanks for share.


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