Friday, September 28, 2012

Exhibition - Redefining the San Andreas Faultline: Women Jewelers

It's been a while since I've visited
Southern California, and I admit
missing all sorts of cultural events and festivals.
But I don't miss the earthquakes!

There is an exhibition currently on view called,
Redefining the San Andreas Faultline: Women Jewelers
that runs until October 27
in Los Angeles.
Curated by Carolyn Benesh,
Co-editor of Ornament Magazine,
an international magazine on wearable art,
this exhibition is described as, 

Showcasing a stellar line-up of nine of California's
boldest and brightest female jewelry artists.
Taking inspiration from California's natural landscape
and environment of creative experimentalism,
their work expands the definition of wearable art
in the twenty-first century.

. . . Redefining the San Andreas Faultline
will demonstrate how California's creative edge
in art and design, dating from the
mid-twentieth century,
includes the individualistic characteristics of
women studio jewelers
who challenge themselves through their work by
experimenting and redefining the possibilities
of jewelry, its role and meaning, into the
second decade of the twenty-first century.

Participating artists include:
Harriete Estel Berman, Petra Class,
Karen Gilbert, Carol Webb, Alexandra Hart,
Marianne Hunter, Valerie Mitchell,
 Marne Ryan, and Christina Smith.

This exhibit serves as a seismograph of the
influential contributions
 made by these jewelry artists,
and just as the San Andreas Fault occasionally
redefines the landscape by being the source
of most of the serious earthquakes
occurring in California, these artists have made
 an equally profound impact on the
 landscape of the art jewelry world.
These artists are among those of the highest magnitude.
Each has created a seismic shift by demonstrating
levels of creativity and inspiration that go
off the Richter scale.
(Ok, enough with the earthquake metaphors.)
Redefining the San Andreas Faultline: Women Jewelers
 runs until October 27
at Craft in America a nonprofit organization
dedicated to the exploration, preservation
and celebration of craft and its
impact on our nation's cultural heritage.

See more at their website and Facebook page.


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  1. Those design are awesome, love the use of color. Your style is so unique. Keep up the amazing work!

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