Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sterling Silver Lace - Anna Atterling Jewelry

Lace is usually associated with textiles but
Anna Atterling works with thin sheets of 
sterling silver to create lace-like
 jewelry that evokes the traditional
 methods and craftsmanship of textile arts.
The definition of lace usually refers to
an open weave fabric
where the pattern of the negative spaces
is as important as the
pattern of the thread.
And it's precisely the interplay of
positive and negative spaces that is
so captivating in this jewelry.
The sterling silver circles-within-circles
geometric designs truly seem like fabric.


It's obvious that while these may seem delicate in
 appearance they're really strong and durable.
The considerable time required to make these pieces,
with all of the involved intricate processes in creating
the geometric patterns, makes it more 
astonishing to think she has rendered these
stylish pieces from sterling silver.

It's interesting to look back at some of the
 other jewelers using all sorts of materials
to create lace-like jewelry, such as
Each provides a unique perspective
and a distinctive collection of beautiful work.
In addition to her jewelry collection,
Anna Atterling also creates a wide variety of
sculptural vessels and other items
of exquisite beauty.  You've got to see for yourself.
Be sure to check out Anna Atterling's Facebook
page for more photos of her work.

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