Friday, October 5, 2012

Sculptural Art - Liisa Hashimoto Jewelry

Liisa Hashimoto knows how to capture
 the magic of a garden oasis
and disguise it as sculptural art jewelry.

Over the years, this artist
has contructed elaborate, charming
 nature-based vignettes  - such as
 flowers sprouting, a bud gently unfolding,
 or a garden scene coming to life -
out of little more than metal and imagination. 

Working with silver, copper and brass,
her work is playful, lighthearted
and extraordinary.




From October 6 through November 30, 2012,
Shibumi Gallery in Berkeley, California
is presenting an exhibition called, Light Fiction,
a show including work by Liisa Hashimoto.
The gallery describes this exhibition as,

. . .  a playful yet elegant perspective of the natural world. Liisa Hashimoto’s jewelry and sculpture explore the process of man made objects left out in the elements and the ways in which nature merges with them. . . Her inspiration is derived from images found in nature and living things – buds coming out of small seeds or tiny mosses growing around ponds and lakes. She imbues her pieces with the energy she finds in these small living things. . .

This is a wonderful opportunity to see
current work by this contemporary artist.
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  1. so unigue! that's such a blessing if one can think differently & be unique! great pieces!


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