Monday, December 3, 2012

New Calendar - The Art and Design of Metal Clay Jewelry and More 2013

 The newest calendar featuring
metal clay is called,
This is the sixth annual calendar
published by Holly Gage of Gage Designs,
and it's packed with photos of fantastic
work by some of the field's leading artists.
Holly describes it as,
The 28 page collectors’ calendar features
a variety of jewelry
and other sculptural creations made from the newest
and most innovative material to hit the
jewelry world in years, Metal Clay.
The calendar highlights diverse work from artists
around the world brought together in this one
dynamic publication of influential metal clay designs.
Holly Gage, the creator of The Art and Design of
Metal Clay Jewelry and More 2013 wall calendar had a goal
 in mind when she created the calendar six years ago. 
“I wanted to increase awareness of this fantastic medium
 both within and outside of the jewelry community
while showcasing the talents of my peers.
 I think the calendar
 really illustrates the type of detail and artistry
being achieved using Metal Clay,” Holly said.
The Art and Design of Metal Clay Jewelry and More 2013
is a juried publication that receives
over 300 photos for review.
Out of these photos, 42 of the highest quality and most
innovative designs are selected to be featured.
This year’s jurors were Christopher C. Darway,
Terry Kovalcik, and Christine Norton.
Photographer Corrin Kovalcik
was the photography consultant.

 There are 42 artists featured in this limited-edition
calendar including:

Christi Anderson, Lorena Angulo,
Lisa Barth, Barbara Becker Simon,
Julie Beucherie, Jude Carmon
Catherine Davies Paetz,
Lila Diamantopoulou,
Evelyn Dombkowski,
Jonna Faulkner, Joy Funnell,
Liz Hall, Vickie Hallmark,
erin l.m. harris, Chu-mei Ho,
Kim Jakum, Melissa Lew, Anna Mazon,
Laragh McMonagle, Suzanne McNenly,
Lesley Messam, Sandy Mikel,
Rachel Miller, Kimberly Nogueira,
Simone Patout Palmer, Monique Perry,
Izabela Safin, Louise Shadonix,
Deb Steele, Shannon Steele,
Karolina Stefanska, Sally Stevens,
Wanaree Tanner, Gordon Uyehara,
Priscilla Vassao, Michela Verani,
Christopher C. Darway, Terry Kovalcik,
Christine Norton, Holly Gage,
and Kate Qualley Peterson on the cover.
So, if you're looking for a calendar for yourself
and/or for gift giving get inspired by
these awesome pages.
All of the previous editions have become
 collector's items.


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