Friday, July 12, 2013

Exhibition - Rock On

If you've been following this blog's Facebook Page
 then you probably know I've been eagerly waiting 
for the current exhibit called 'Rock On' 
at Facere Art Jewelry Gallery.

Set to run from July 10 until July 31, 2013 
it presents a contemporary
jewelry art exhibition "of the precious things in life. 
Fourteen artists explore an abundance of 
rocks and gemstones sure to rock your world."

The artist list includes:
Alison B. Antelman, Angela Bubash, John S. Chickadel, 
Joshua Craig, Maggie Davidson, Peg Fetter,
 Joanna Gollberg, Russell Jones, Janis Kerman, 
Eve Llyndorah & Ray Lipovsky, Armande Potel-Martin,
 Todd Pownell, Wolfgang Vaatz, and Andrea Williams.

  Every time there's an exhibit at this exciting gallery
 I plan a trip to Seattle to visit but it hasn't happened yet.  
Maybe this time.

See all their artists at 

See more photos of this exhibit at



  1. so beautiful pieces. not too much, not too less, just the perfect!

  2. These are spectacular pieces! I'm in love with that purple and blue brooch!

  3. Wow so unique! I love how it all looks like rocks!

  4. I found some antique piece of jewelery design here. They are inspirational as well for all artist.

  5. DOES have a secret life. The possibilities are endless...I found your blog through Anvil of your followers. I've found some of the coolest blogs through followers of blogs that follow mine! Everything is soooooo connected!

  6. Thanks for sharing, Betsy. You're right, we are all connected and it's very interesting and alot of fun to find those connections. Take Care.

  7. These are unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry made from rocks and gemstones to rock your world.

  8. Gorgeous and unique pieces of jewelry. So hard to choose!


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